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Data Scientists, Investors,Pricing Managers, Supply Chain Planners and Business Executives engage ADR to generate critical insights through Web Harvesting and AI Forecasting.


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Every engagement begins with a conversation between our team and yours.


Each data challenge is unique. A sample pilot reveals the best path to meet your goals.


Along with the pilot data, we will deliver a proposal and together map out the project scope, pricing, and timeline.


With the framework in place, our tech team gets to work to make the magic happen.

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Common & Frequent Projects

AI-Ready Data:

ADR expedites and facilitates your data preparation process, turning ideas and unstructured data into a normalized data. We handle all aspects of data preparation from normalization to applying NLP to applying best of breed ratios, translating all into AI-ready, ready-to-run data.

AI Predictions:

ADR enables our clients to quickly and easily generate AI-powered multi-model forecasts, allowing you to compare and use the best results for your unique data set. Our clients leverage a wide range of variables and the power of bleeding-edge AI technology to generate critical insights across a range of applications.

Competitive Intelligence:

We help our clients rapidly acquire and process the data needed to take maximum advantage of compelling market opportunities. We deploy our next-generation web scraping, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology to discover, create, reconcile and deliver hard-to-acquire data. Pricing, social media mentions, news, filings, and a vast variety of other data is all of interest to our clients.

Web Change Monitoring:

ADR’s web change monitoring system (backed by ML & AI) allows clients to continually monitor targeted websites for new or changed data. Our clients use this technology to monitor prices, implement investment strategies, reduce their manual research burden, and more. We welcome the opportunity to explore together novel applications for your unique data needs.

About Atlantis

Atlantis Data Resources enables organizations to marry internet-scale, unstructured web data with private data embedded in the enterprise to create big data applications delivering daily insights. We believe that this data freedom (today possible at favorable cost and scale) facilitates progress and innovation, allowing us to support our partners in building better businesses, technologies and communities.

Atlantis Data Resources is a subsidiary of Atlantis Technology, a software development firm based in Concord, MA. Founded 20 years ago, we're grateful to have grown organically as a profitable company, providing our clients with the agility and flexibility only possible from such firms.

We often say that our work is "the lens through which we explore the world" since it's enabled us to participate in some inspiring projects. We believe the acquisition and manipulation of open web data is a critical ingredient fueling the growth of successful ventures and we are pleased to provide this capability to our clients.

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