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Big Data Application

Civilians think that when they search Google, they’re searching the internet. We all know they’re actually searching Google’s copy of the internet. A frequently updated, structured copy that Google’s built an incredible business selling ads adjacent to. To build and maintain this big data application, Google employs more than 40,000 people and spends over $40 billion each year.

Atlantis Data Resources

infuses your organization

with open web data

Today, we believe that advanced cloud and data technology can provide every organization with the power of google inside their domain. We founded ADR to infuse organizations with rapid, cost-effective, open web harvesting, structuring and analysis services.

The Power is in

The derivative

We know that the power of open web harvesting isn’t in the delivery of a one-time data set, but in the changes to that data over time, and the rate and manner in which those changes evolve. It’s why we built our attain.io harvesting engine specifically for frequent monitoring, at volume.

We believe in

We apply rapid web harvesting & analysis to your proprietary applications & processes to generate new capabilities, insights, and revenue streams.


All organizations should be able to rapidly harvest, structure, and analyze data from the open web and integrate it into their applications and processes.


Anonymous access to information on public networks was a founding principle of the internet, and should be extended to protect the responsible collection and analysis of open web data.


Harvesting operations on the open web should respect the size and scope of each public web site, never having an adverse effect on the site, it’s infrastructure, or other users.



Web harvesting operations should no longer require increased headcount, fixed hardware and data center expenses, and cat & mouse scraping and parsing exercises.


Data structured from open web harvesting should be accessible via organizations preferred methodology, including file export, database integration, web application, and API.

The Opportunity

Traditionally, harvesting data on the open web has been a time, labor, and capital intensive process. Legacy search engines were the first to pioneer businesses based on crawling and restructuring public web pages, doing so with considerable IT investment in data centers, software, and engineering.

As network infrastructure and software has advanced, the amount of data accessible via the open web has increased in reverse-correlation to the costs associated with harvesting and analyzing it. This confluence presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to continually generate actionable insights about their product, process, customers, and prospects.

Today, a large measure of this data is acquired from public sources, through a myriad of open web sites. This data is harvested primarily through manual processes, resulting in increased labor costs, overhead, and less-frequent data updates.

Atlantis Data Resources provides data completeness and scalability, through an automated and proprietary data-aggregation engine backed by next-generation cloud-based infrastructure.

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Atlantis Data Resources

Atlantis Data Resources enables organizations to marry internet-scale, unstructured web data with private data embedded in the enterprise to create big data applications delivering daily insights. We believe that this data freedom (only today possible at favorable cost and scale) facilitates progress and innovation, allowing us to support our partners building better businesses, technologies and communities.

Atlantis Data Resources is a subsidiary of Atlantis Technology, a Concord, MA-based software development firm. Founded 16-years ago, we’re grateful to have grown organically as a profitable company, providing our clients with the agility and flexibility only possible from such firms.

We often say that our work is ‘the lens through which we explore the world’ since it’s enabled us to participate in some inspiring projects. We believe the acquisition and manipulation of open web data is a critical ingredient fueling the growth of successful ventures and we are pleased to provide this capability to our clients.

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